The End of the World. Solar flare

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A solar flare this is quite probably of all the disasters that can cause the end of the whole world. Strong solar flares and geomagnetic storms isn't uncommon and took place many times in human history. But today global electrification makes the world population so vulnerable to such phenomena. 'Cos there are a lot of electronic and electrical devices that may be damaged due to a solar flare. How will this affect our city? Especially for you new extrapolation.

Метеорит, астероид, апокалипсис, Конец Света

1. Geomagnetic storm will cause the electrization of the upper atmosphere, causing them to expand the boundaries and take to the satellite orbits. Will pull effect, and some low orbit-satellites fall to the ground at high speed. Something like this has already happened in 1979.

2. Problems with radio and mobile phones will be felt on Earth. Disruptions electronic devices will cause the air crashes.
Падение самолета на город

3. A few hours before X hours around the globe observed aurora. It will be even at the equator.

Аврора, в небе
4. After Aurora induced currents in transformers entail global blackout. Transformers burn and become unsuitable for further work. In 1989 Small magnetic storm has caused a serious accident in the Canadian network. Storm with more energy can plunge the whole world into darkness for several months and even years.

Welcome stairs, libraries and candles. So... I think if doomsday happens, it happens according to this scenario.
БлэкАут, пожар в городе

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