"Metro". Review.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The first Russian disaster film comes to russian theaters on February 21. I've seen this movie 3 days before the premiere and it has impressed me very much.

Yes, the movie is great! I'm a fan of disaster movies, but "Metro" is better than any Hollywood blockbuster. Excellent special effects, interesting dramatic line, montage - all at the highest level.

I think now is the popularity of the genre of Disaster films gradually decreases. It is seen most clearly after the movie "2012", which was the peak of pathos, global and cost. Numerous Hollywood films are popular owing to  the apocalyptic hysteria and a huge budget, and often the dramatic component is terrible. European attempts to make something like this (the English "Flood") are even more poorly.

Therefore, the Russian film "Metro" can be called the best disaster-movie of recent years. It's the best because disaster is not a hundreds of millions of dollars, as embodied in the beautiful pictures of the destruction. Above all Disaster is a human tragedy and tense atmosphere. This aspect of the disaster shown in the film "Metro" with decent special effects .

I especially wanna note RUSSIAN mentality of the movie. It all seems so familiar: the gloomy faces in public transport, swearing, nationalist replica of old ladies, the inscriptions on the windows of subway cars. As a result, the audience laughing wildly (it self-irony), because it really looks ridiculous amid the global scourge.

9 out of 10. Film slightly delayed. As many as 2 hours ...

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