Our Guamka Canyon Vacation

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

At 160 kilometers south of Krasnodar there is a small hamlet Guamka which is located on the banks of a mountain river Kurdzhips. For thousands of years this small river has been carving out a beautiful gorge in the mountains, Guamka Canyon. I was there recently with my friends. There is an impressive symbiosis of mountains and Indian summer!

autumn in Guamka Canyon

1-3. The road to the gorge was very beautiful too
Лес в тумане на Кубани

4. Guamka hamlet:

5. Narrow Gauge Railway:
locomotive in Guamka

6-8. The real Indian summer:
Indian summer in Kuban

9-10. The local train:

11-12. Pedestrian bridge over the river Kurdzhips:

Believe me, the beauty of those places can not be overemphasized. It suffices to mention the cliffs 400 meters high, bright yellow trees, fields of mossy rock fragments, among which are growing miniature boxwood bushes.

But the price of the tourist train has already grown to 300 rubles ($ 10). For this money, I can go to Sochi by a student discount. We decided to explore the canyon on foot. . And I do not know what path we came across, but our trip was with elements of extreme. The stones under my feet were being ripped off down the slopes, the danger of falling into the water of Kurdzhips followed us. However the beauty that surrounded us beckoned further until the rocks were not absolutely precipitous.

The beauty of the local nature impressed us so much that by climbing to the highest point of our route we suddenly froze and fell silent ... Pleasant fatigue spreaded through the body. So we stood in silence for about ten minutes. Our eyes looked off into the distance, thoughts also went to the free flight ... That long pause was an unofficial end of our trip.


13-16. Forest landscape:

17-20. A trip without photoset is not trip:

21. At the cliff:

22. Stone field:

 23-26. Even a little bit of of Indian summer

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